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If you are experiencing issues with running your business, approach your fellow franchise owners. Through Burger King MAFA, you can start a dialogue with other franchisees and discuss your franchising management concerns with them. Most of our members come from Maryland and the neighboring states.

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Board of Directors Directory

Board of DirectorsTerm ExpirationArea Email Address
Andrezejewski, Gary12/31/2016Baltimore,
Anghelone, Joe12/31/2015Philadelphia,
Barto, John12/31/2015Wilkes-Barre,
Czerwinski, Frank12/31/2015Eastern Shore
Giangrangrande, Craig12/31/2015Washington DC & Virginia
Herman, Tom12/31/2015Baltimore,
Nawn, Chris12/31/2016Philadelphia,
Neblett, Bill12/31/2015Southern
Salisbury, Eric12/31/2015Philadelphia,
Timoney Jr., Craig12/31/2016Altoona/
Walther, Jim12/31/2015Washington DC & Virginia

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Burger King MAFA regularly holds meetings, forums, and activities for Burger King franchise owners. Stay in the loop on these events by visiting our website for updates. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings.